Our approach

We take an innovation-led approach to identify the best product or service-led companies in the food and agri-business sectors, wherever they may be based in the world.

To date, we have assessed more than 850 opportunities and invested in 21 which we are now supporting in order to accelerate their growth. In isolation, each investment we make offers strong prospects, yet our ambition is to foster innovation to generate greater value.

We do so through a deep understanding of the causes and effects of each stage of a food production cycle, using where relevant, the transformative benefits of innovative technologies and sophisticated analytics of data based evidence to help inform our decisions. It is by looking at the interdependencies that exist between different parts of the food supply chain, and the synergies between our companies, that we apply connected thinking to identify efficiency gains. 

By focusing our activities in areas such as efficient protein production, efficient nutrient cycles or enhanced food safety, we identify the interdependencies between different parts of the food chain and create opportunities for our companies to share knowledge, insight and foresight in order to create a collaborative environment where they can generate and offer value to each other.