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Can salt and water be turned into a powerful disinfectant that removes the need for hazardous chemicals?

Ozo Innovations develops systems that transform salt and cold water into a powerful cleaning and disinfection solution, to improve hygiene outcomes and drive productivity in food production and processing.

Ozo is committed to supporting sustainable practices and, through the delivery of its solutions, currently contributes directly to four of the UN’s sustainability development goals.

Its safe and cost-effective solutions reduce the consumption of energy, water and waste within the food hygiene process, while avoiding the need to use hazardous chemicals that are damaging for the environment.

By eliminating harmful food-borne pathogens and allergens, Ozo’s solutions can help to improve overall food safety through maximising safety and minimising waste.

Ozo delivers a more efficient cleaning process that enables operations to reduce changeover times between product lines. This simplified approach to hygiene gives time back to the production process, helping to improve efficiency and increase margins for food manufacturers.

Ozo’s electrolysed water solution, eloclear™,  is proven to disinfect bacteria, fungi, yeast and mould. It has also demonstrated its effectiveness against all enveloped viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). 

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"Wheatsheaf’s industry and investment expertise was instrumental in enabling us to develop our management team and structure. With one of the largest and longest established teams in the sector, Wheatsheaf has assisted us in finding new customers to help grow the business."

David Goosey

Chief Executive Officer, Ozo Innovations

David Goosey

Chief Executive Officer, Ozo Innovations

For more information on Wheatsheaf's investment in Ozo Innovations please contact:

Anthony James

Executive Director

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Published on
19 November 2020

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