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We can recover phosphorus, a finite global resource, from wastewater treatment sites to produce plant activated fertilisers which improve yields and reduce pollution.

We’re working with Ostara to solve one of the world’s biggest challenges: conserving our natural resources while producing more food.

Ostara’s Pearl technology is rooted in the circular economy (reducing waste and pollution, keeping resources in use and restoring natural systems) by recovering phosphorus – a finite global resource concentrated in few territories – from wastewater treatments sites in cities, on farms and from industry.  

Its technology transforms essential nutrients into crystallised granules which are harvested, dried and bagged, ready for distribution as Crystal Green, an environmentally responsible fertiliser.

Unlike conventional fertilisers, the nutrients in Crystal Green are only released when triggered by natural chemical reactions in the growing roots of plants, increasing phosphate uptake. This is proven to improve crop performance, increasing yields, while reducing nutrient run off, protecting our waterways from pollution by up to 75%.

Applied to turf, such as at English Premier League side Southampton Football Club, studies by Cornell University showed it continuously releases essential nutrients to develop denser roots, improving wear and stress tolerance, while also lowering the risk of phosphorus leaching and runoff.

Ostara is the world’s leader in nutrient recovery with 22 commercial installations worldwide.

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"Wheatsheaf has provided invaluable strategic and financial support to Ostara, helping our company to rapidly expand production of our commercially sustainable solutions, and further enabling improvements and efficiencies to our existing operations. Revolutionary proprietary technologies remain at the core of Ostara’s business and Wheatsheaf’s belief in our corporate vision, combined with its unparalleled industry expertise and proven track-record of success, is a powerful catalyst that is translating into next-level growth for Ostara."

Dan Parmar

President and Chief Executive Officer, Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.

Dan Parmar

President and Chief Executive Officer, Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.

For more information on Wheatsheaf's investment in Ostara please contact:

Monty Bayer

Managing Partner

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Published on
19 November 2020

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