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Can AI accurately predict plant breeding outcomes to develop healthier, more nutritious and better tasting foods that are more sustainable?

Working with Benson Hill, we are harnessing plant biology and advances in artificial intelligence to accelerate plant breeding, developing and commercialising healthier, better tasting foods and ingredients that are more sustainable.

Benson Hill’s CropOS™ platform enables the analysis of a plant’s genetic traits and environmental modelling to predict breeding outcomes – advancing and accelerating plant evolution by enabling greater precision and fewer breeding cycles.

This provides several benefits including reduced costs, more accessibility for producers and growers, and improved sustainability by breeding plants capable of producing greater and more nutritious yields with fewer resources. In addition, Benson Hill is able to improve taste and texture while reducing the need for additives.

Already, this technology has produced non-genetically modified verified products such as ultra-high protein soybeans enabling ingredient and food manufacturers to deliver more protein content for plant-based food products.

Benson Hill has also designed soybeans which improve nutrition and digestion in poultry, swine and fish which, in turn, reduces resource use and makes farming them more sustainable.

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For more information on Wheatsheaf's investment in Benson Hill please contact:

Stephan Dolezalek

Managing Partner

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Published on
19 November 2020

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