Tatra Forest

In 2012, Wheatsheaf invested into Tatra, located in Northern Slovakia. Tatra is an organic farm focussed on the production of milk, cheese and herbs – both culinary and medicinal. It also operates a ground-breaking composting operation.

Through good ecological management involving the use of manure, composting, appropriate crop rotation and proper cultivation, the original micro-organic life is returning to Tatra’s soil. As a consequence, Tatra is achieving yields comparable to conventional farming.


I never believed that nature has such an amazing regenerative ability. Even after decades of it being harmed by herbicides, pesticides and insecticides, in less than five years, we managed to bring it back to its original state with the help of Wheatsheaf. Thanks to this experience I believe that it is not too late to build a healthy and sustainable agriculture.

Ľubomír Kružliak – Managing Director, Tatra Forest
Tatra Forest


litres of organic milk exported by Tatra per year