OZO Innovations

In October 2015, Wheatsheaf invested into OZO Innovations, an Oxford-based company providing electrolysed water sanitisation solutions to the food preparation and processing industries.

OZO Innovations has developed and engineered a technology that transforms water and salt into disinfectants for the food production and food processing industries. The company's cost effective cleaning and disinfectant products are manufactured on site at customer premises replacing the use of hazardous chemicals while significantly reducing cleaning time, water and energy consumption.  

In addition to minimising the inputs - water, energy and chemicals - OZO Innovations' products improve the hygiene, safety and quality of produce in food preparation and processing by killing pathogens that cause food spoilage and food poisoning.

OZO Innovations' technology also has applications in the agricultural, horticultural, institutional cleaning and air handling industries. 


In Wheatsheaf, we have secured a committed and collaborative investment partner that shares our ambition to build a significant company of scale in this sector. We relish the challenge and responsibility of delivering significant new value for our customers; enabling fresher, higher quality and safer food whilst minimising the food industry’s use of water, power and chemicals.

Rowan Gardner – Chief Executive Officer, OZO Innovations


healthy life years lost each year due to food borne disease