In April 2013, Wheatsheaf invested in Ostara, a Vancouver-based nutrient recovery business.

Phosphorus is essential to life and a finite global resource: predicted pressures on its future supply is a worrying trend. Ostara has developed a process to recover phosphorus from waste water. It turns this recovered phosphorus into a slow-release fertiliser that is more efficient and less polluting than mainstream alternatives.

The company's proprietary technology is called the Pearl® Process, recovering otherwise polluting nutrients, phosphorus and nitrogen, from municipal and industrial water streams. Its transformation into a slow release, eco-friendly fertiliser is marketed as Crystal Green®. The process helps wastewater treatment plants reduce treatment costs and meet increasingly stringent discharge limits, while Crystal Green’s efficient Plant-Activated™ mode-of-action improves crop yield using less nutrients.




Ostara shares the Wheatsheaf vision as an organization committed to changing the way we think and act upon energy, water and resource sustainability.

F. Phillip Abrary – President and Chief Executive Officer, Ostara


Included in the Global Cleantech 100 for the first five years