Gilkes Energy

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd has been supplying turbines to generate energy from water since 1853, and Wheatsheaf invested into their hydro-development business in 2012.

Gilkes Energy was formed to help clients develop and finance hydro projects and to focus on joint ventures with landowners. To date, Gilkes Energy has helped many landowners fund and develop hydro projects, ranging from 500kW to 2MW.

The Grosvenor Estate also has history of hydro-electric schemes, with its earliest turbine installed on the Reay Forest Estate in Scotland in the 1920s. For more details, see Grosvenor Green Energy.


We are very pleased to have secured investment from Wheatsheaf, who share the same long-term philosophy as our family business, which has been building hydro equipment since the 19th century.

Charles Crewdson – Chairman, Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon
Gilkes Energy


Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon provided a turbine to Queen Victoria to provide light at Balmoral