Enterra Feed

In September 2014, Wheatsheaf invested in Enterra Feed Corporation, a British Columbia-based company that has developed a process that imitates nature to transform high-nutrient, pre-consumer food waste into protein, natural oil and fertilizer.

Enterra’s proprietary bio-conversion process uses larvae of the Black Soldier Fly to recycle nutrients from pre-consumer food waste. This organic waste, diverted from food retailers, distributors and processors, would otherwise be lost to landfills or used in composting operations, with considerable loss in complex food nutrients.

The fully grown larvae are harvested and processed into high-value protein and oils which are proven substitutes for resource-intensive feed ingredients, such as fishmeal, poultry meal and soybean meal.

The bio-conversion process also creates an organic natural fertilizer with natural pesticide qualities.



Enterra has developed game-changing technology for world food supply. With the recent investment by Wheatsheaf, Enterra is now ramping up production capacity at its new Langley farm operation near Vancouver, with production expected to reach 100 tonnes of food waste processed daily. In cooperation with Wheatsheaf we are now considering a further expansion at the Langley site in 2015 as well as joint venture opportunities in Canada, the US and Europe.

Brad Marchant – Chief Executive Officer, Enterra


The hatchery contains 8 million Black Solider Flies