David Ball Group

In February 2015, Wheatsheaf invested into David Ball Group, a leading and innovative UK based manufacturer and supplier of cement admixture products and ultra-low carbon, cement free concrete.

David Ball Group, based in Cambridge in the UK, has a 130 year legacy of materials innovation dedicated to the advancement of quality, sustainability and performance in the construction industry.  Its PUDLO product is a technically advanced concrete waterproofing system. The company’s new product, CEMFREE, is a ground breaking cement replacement technology enabling the production of structural concrete without the need for Portland Cement, a constituent of traditional concrete.



We are delighted with the investment by Wheatsheaf. We were keen to find an experienced and dynamic investor who would not only bring skills to the board but assist with accelerating the growth of the business in the UK and overseas. Wheatsheaf has a strong focus on investing and supporting sustainable technologies and shares our belief that CEMFREE provides a significant opportunity for reducing carbon emissions within the construction sector.

David Ball – Founder & Chairman, David Ball Group


of all man-made CO2 emissions is generated by use of Portland cement