In October 2014, Wheatsheaf invested in BluWrap, a fresh food logistics company headquartered in San Francisco with operations in Chile.

BluWrap uses fuel cell technology to create and maintain a minimal oxygen atmosphere that extends the shelf life of fresh proteins. This breakthrough technology allows suppliers of fresh protein products to ship by ocean rather than air freight whilst still delivering fresh, high quality products to customers.

The twin benefit of reduced costs and a significant reduction in the carbon footprint offers a compelling proposition.


We’re extremely excited that Wheatsheaf has seen the potential in BluWrap’s technology to challenge the status quo in the fresh protein logistics supply chain and reduce the its harmful impact on our environment. Wheatsheaf’s goal of investing in and developing businesses that will contribute solutions towards meeting the growing global demand for food, water and energy in the face of a rapidly changing world population, is perfectly in line with BluWrap’s vision of revolutionising the way fresh proteins are transported around the world.

Mark Barnekow – Chief Executive Officer, BluWrap


reduction of CO2 emissions using BluWrap technology*

* Compared to the costly alternative
of air freight