AKVA Group

In February 2015, Wheatsheaf invested in AKVA, the market leading supplier of equipment and services to the global aquaculture industry.

AKVA has been a leading innovator in aquaculture equipment for over 40 years and was the first company to market plastic cages and central feeding systems that are now the industry standard in modern efficient production of farmed salmon. AKVA supplies a broad suite of equipment (cages, cameras, sensors, feeders and barges) and software to sea-based and on-land recirculating farm systems around the world and across multiple fish species.

Aquaculture production volume has grown faster than any other meat protein over the last 40 years yet it is still an industry in its infancy. The farmed salmon industry is the most mature amongst farmed species yet by volume it is only 4% of global annual aquaculture production. AKVA’s offering will help not only the salmon industry to continue to improve its efficiency but also enable the development of sustainable farming systems for many other species around the globe.



Developing and providing the global aquaculture industry with sustainable technologies to enhance efficiencies in producing healthy seafood for the world’s population, is at the core of AKVA group’s mission. In this way we share the vision and values of Wheatsheaf and believe we will benefit from sharing our experiences and views from different environments, but to the same end.

Trond Williksen – Chief Executive Officer, AKVA group ASA


more edible meat produced from a salmon farm than a beef ranch per tonne of feed