Our portfolio

Building an international business for long-term growth focused upon resource efficiency.

In simple terms, our strategy is to tackle long-term challenges by taking a commercial approach. We invest in businesses and their management teams who share our vision to identify and develop ways of producing more from less.

Over the course of the next generation, we intend to invest in, and help to build, businesses in sectors such as: animal breeding, nutrient recovery, aquaculture, alternative proteins and energy efficiency.

Our portfolio includes our two subsidiary businesses – Grosvenor Farms and our Cogent Breeding – and a growing portfolio of businesses aligned to our investment themes.

AKVA Benchmark Bluwrap
Cogent David_Ball Enterra
FarmWizard Gilkes Grosvenor Farms
Grosvenor Green Energy Imperial Innovations Ostara
Ozone Purification Tatra Forest XPV