Energy efficiency

We believe that managing energy demand through the development of energy-efficient technologies is of primary significance. We also believe that a shift from central energy generation to distributed energy generation will be essential.

It is well documented that a unit of energy saved at the consumer level translates into much bigger energy savings at the source level. As a result, there is increasing demand for a wide spectrum of energy efficiency technologies for industrial and residential buildings. These include insulation, smart appliances, and building energy management software – all of which reduce consumption whilst helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Small-scale, local integrated power generation – such as combined heat and power, solar or hydro projects – that can be installed for commercial and residential customers will provide much of the solution to uncertainty around power supply, and will help to mitigate against rising fuel costs. New power grids will need to manage both the delivery and receipt of power generated by consumers, and will need to be capable of meeting demand at all times regardless of such input.

Examples of our investments consistent with this theme:

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estimated increase in energy needs of developing countries by 2050