Our investment themes

The opportunities for resource efficiency investments are abundant.

The pressure on the world’s natural resources from increasing population is well documented. Specifically the increasing aspirations and affluence in certain sectors of the population around the world is creating a dramatic impact on our patterns of consumption.

There is every opportunity for alleviating these pressures by encouraging the commercial development of more efficient practices and technologies, particularly in the agriculture and energy sectors.

Against this backdrop, Wheatsheaf is concentrating its investment in five main areas of resource efficiency in which we believe we can make a difference – and where the opportunity for innovation is huge. By investing in these related areas, we are already creating value where portfolio companies intersect and overlap.

Breeding in plants
& animals

Breeding in plants and animals

Efficient production
of protein

Efficient production of protein

Improving nutrient cycles

Improving<br> nutrient cycles

Value for natural capital

Value for<br> natural capital

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency