About us

The values of stewardship applied to today’s resource challenges.

Like all the activities of the Grosvenor Estate, our work at Wheatsheaf is built on knowledge that has accumulated over hundreds of years: to improve, to innovate and to look forward. We believe in looking after the land and the environment as well as the communities and partners with whom we are involved.

Wheatsheaf was established by the Grosvenor Estate in 2012. Our growing portfolio is focused on selected investment themes, all of which seek to address some of today’s most relevant resource efficiency challenges. Our investment focus is on sectors such as animal breeding, nutrient recovery, aquaculture, alternative proteins and energy efficiency, all of which offer long-term growth and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

In simple terms, our strategy is to tackle long-term challenges by seeking commercially viable solutions. We invest in companies and their management teams who share our vision to find ways of producing more from less for generations to come.



predicted world population by 2050


of the world's population estimated to be living in towns and cities by 2030